New in Version 2009.5


Posted: 23 July 2009

As upgrades go, version V2009.5 uploaded yesterday would be considered major by any measure. If only because of the work that went into it. Here is what's new:

1. Digital Envelopes, made possible by the new variable digital run speeds
2. Custom Padding for special Carbonless sets, Offset or Digital
3. Additional Language: Portuguese

Custom Padding for Carbonless


Of the three, Custom Padding was by far the easiest to code and almost fell into place once we got past trying to tailor it solely for Digital. The way it's implemented it lets you quote Custom Carbonless sets in either Offset or Digital, using the booklet module.



Digital Envelopes


Adding Digital Envelopes was also straightforward but touched virtually every section of code, so it was time-consuming. We've added the two most common envelopes as standard products, but you can quote any size your digital press can accommodate.





In terms of effort, installing a sixth language handily topped the list. Not because of the required translation (incomplete and a work in progress, as it is for Spanish, French, and Italian - with the only language fully translated being German), but because it meant restructuring almost every data file. Not to mention writing the code to automatically convert those files on existing installations, transparently, without user intervention.


Was it worth the effort? Hard to predict. Definitely not financially, in the near term. But years ago, I spent time on business in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, and I've developed a soft spot in my heart for the country and its people. And I love the language. Only wish I had absorbed more of it during my stay! Just how do you translate 'Die-cut Blanks' into Portuguese anyway?

Enjoy the upgrade!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel