New in Version 2010.2


Posted: 27 January 2010


I give up!

All editions are now on V2010.2, uploaded to the printfire web site on January 27. Most of the improvements are minor, with the possible exception of a new method to price paper - a method I've never been a fan of but finally included because so many users have asked for it.

In V2010.2 of all commercial Morning Flight programs, from the $48.00 Passport Edition on up, you can now buy a ream of non-stocked paper or a box of non-stocked envelopes, then bill for just a portion of it and save the rest in your odd lot room, hoping that some day somebody will come along needing that exact type, color, and amount of paper. Yes, I know it makes no sense and I'm aware I caved, but I also subscribe to the theory that while the customer may not always be right, he or she is never wrong.



There is a bright side. To make this work, we had to recode the Special Paper function to where the derived paper inherits the specifications and pricing of the parent. Unless you enter different costs for the derived Special Paper, MF will price it exactly the same as the Buy as Needed or PaperShop paper you highlighted or double-clicked in the F3 browse window. In effect, the new checkbox lets you price Buy as Needed paper the same as in-Stock paper.

Custom Products have always worked that way, and now Special Paper does, too. One benefit is that you can select a paper item with F3, then press Ctrl-F3 and edit just the paper markup, something you couldn't do before.

If you want the "Partial Ream" checkbox, you'll need to upgrade to one of the boxed products. Everything else is also found in V2010.2 of the Free Edition.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel