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Posted: 29 Jun 2005 07:32 am


After 35 years in the printing business, you'd think we would know how paper is sold in this country. You'd be wrong. What we know, apparently, is how it's sold in Rochester, NY. Here, generally, the more you order, the less you pay. Turns out that in other parts of the U.S., many vendors use a single price regardless of quantity, a price which they sometimes shave a little if a printer buys a large amount of paper at one time.

Morning Flight currently supports two price structures for paper: My Paper and Vendor Paper. Both are bracket-based. In other words, both assume you pay one price for a broken carton, a lower price for a full carton, and still lower prices for multiple cartons or skids. There is no price structure for paying one price across the board. You can enter the same price in all four brackets and get the same result, but doing so means having to fill in three extra entry fields for no good reason.

My question is this: Would it make sense to add a third paper category to MF for One-Price paper? The properties would be similar to My Paper (selected from a pick list, by type and color), but One-Price paper would have a single price entry field, for a cost per 1,000. Each color would be listed as a separate item. Markups could vary, same as Vendor Paper.

Having such a category would allow us to offer merchant specific versions, with stocks from vendors like XPEDX Paper Stores preloaded. You could update individual paper prices yourself, but in case of a general price change, you would simply get an updated data file disk right at the store, or download it from the merchant's web site.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. In the meantime, we'll work up a prototype.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


I'm all for the one price option! I have just entered all categories as one price here. The more I use MF, the more I like it!
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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One price paper would work great for me for now. When it comes to how paper is sold I think the age of your paper salesman comes into play. If he is older, he is established and doesn't need to bleed you dry. If he is young and likes to take multiple vacations, drive new cars and fish the weekends on his boat, you are in trouble. We just got a new paper salesman; he is young and guess what? Our previous salesman took into account the total volume of paper we buy, not every single item, to establish our pricing. This new guy seems to be switching us to the multiple bracket pricing on some items. The man in the suit has just bought a new car on the profit he made from your dreams.
. . . . . jtjohn
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You may have something there, jtjohn! When I traveled abroad on business years ago, I recall hearing from more than one of our reps that the main reason they didn't vote out their corrupt old politicians was because the pockets of the incumbents were already half full. The corrupt new ones would generally take office with pockets still empty.

The One-Price paper category is now part of the Morning Flight download. This gives you two types of Vendor Paper:  One-Price and Multi-Price. Actually, you can enter up to three prices for One-Price paper (less than carton, full carton, and multiple cartons), but when you click on the green #1 button, all three prices revert to the one-carton price. The multiple carton bracket can be adjusted up or down by simply clicking on it.

We've tried to keep the new category simple. Only prices per 1,000 may be entered (no CWT), with all entry fields contained on a single screen. I wouldn't be surprised if One-Price were to become the paper of choice for most quotes.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Ed. Note: By the time the dust had settled, we found ourselves with three paper categories: In-Stock, Buy-as-Needed, and PaperShop Paper, with the very popular One-Price option built into all three.