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Posted: 18 Aug 2008 01:08 pm


Hi Hal,

This may be a silly question but I am using the Beta version of Gold and have been very happy with it. Just noticed one thing this morning though that (funnily enough) hadn't seemed to happen before.

When I make either a re-order with (or without) changes, the price changes - mostly it gets cheaper for the customer by a few dollars. I have searched throughout for a check box that says 'no discount for re-orders' as that's the only explanation I can come up with. Nothing has changed since the original order - I even made a quote, immediately created an order from the quote and a few minutes later, made a re-order. The price dropped again???

Can you shed any light on this for me? I have the V2008.2.
. . . . . Sue
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Hi Sue,

Glad to see you're giving the Gold Edition a try. Printed by Offset, re-orders will always be a little cheaper than the original order, provided the job can be rerun without a new set of plates. In that case, the program, while still charging for new plates, will exclude the cost of creating new films.

Why charge for new plates on re-orders? Economics. It costs money to gum, store, and index plates for easy retrieval. Depending on how long they've been stored, and even with careful gumming, chances are there will be some blind spots or scratches. If the job gets run that way without the press operator noticing it, it can get painfully expensive in a hurry. After some 35 years in the business, I've learned on more than one occasion that storing plates costs more money than it saves.

If the job requires new films, the price of re-orders should always be the same as the price of the original. If you're running into discrepancies there, can you please post specifics? The quickest way to do that is to click on the white Product panel when the cursor turns into a camera, then compare costs. Morning Flight always lets you drill down. The two attached screen captures represent an original and a re-order, using CTP plates (no films, just stripping/imposition).

Hope you're not in the path of hurricane Fay! All the best,
. . . . .  Hal Heindel





Thanks so much for your response, Hal - and quick and spot on as usual. I did actually find what was going on by looking at the quantity button and unchecked re-order without film changes - the price then remained the same. We use polyester plates that are not reusable, so plates are new each time.

I love the Gold edition by the way - and thanks so much for your help.

P.S. - What hurricane?!? - not in the Tampa Bay area anyway!
. . . . . Sue


Thanks, Sue, glad the Gold is working for you. Seems Fay did minimal damage in the Tampa area and instead brought some much needed rain. BTW, I checked out your web site. Cool idea, those Small Business Start-up Packs.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Thanks Hal. I was so amazed that you took the time to look at my website - thanks so much for your comments. Gotta admit though, it's only a template! My programming skills amounted to VB (loved it) and Java (yuk) whilst at college in the UK.

I have just one other quick question that I think may have happened since I downloaded an update. For some reason not all my customer notes print out now on the price sheet - any ideas? It's in the window of the quote but only shows one line in the preview pane and print out?
. . . . . Sue


Nothing wrong with templates, Sue, no point reinventing the wheel. The opening screen of this forum happens to be a template as well. And if you loved VB, you would totally embrace Clarion, the language Morning Flight is written in. Faster, less verbose (though not nearly as terse as Java or C), and, unlike VB, fully object-oriented and compiled.

The bug you discovered snuck in when we reworked our string classes to accommodate booklets. What should have been a STRING(600) ended up being a STRING(60). My bad! The entire note is still saved to the file, but only the first 60 characters of it are printed. Easy fix, although with new versions of all editions just around the corner, it will likely be a week or two before we can upload.

I may have mentioned somewhere that all Morning Flight programs rely on a single 300,000+ line code base. Each program selects the classes it needs and then pulls them in at compile time. The string class is used by all, so the bug affects every edition. The upside is that any improvements are automatically shared by every edition as well.

For instance, Special Products currently require separate screens for Offset, Copy, and Digital. When you click Ctrl-F2, the screen that appears corresponds to the product highlighted in the F2 browse box. That turned out to not work for booklets. A 6x9 spiral-bound booklet requires a 6x9 bookpage, and since there's no such animal predefined as a standard product, the browse box comes up empty. That, in turn, prevents access to the matching special products screen altogether.

In the upcoming versions, from the Free Edition all the way to the Gold, Special Products are entered on a single screen, with tabs to select the category. Hundreds of lines of new code, at once necessary and worth the effort: Comparing the run costs for the same product by Offset, Copy, or Digital is now just a mouse-click away.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel