Paper Orders


Posted: 14 May 2010

I have been using the paper order on MF. Getting it down pretty well. It would be nice if when you enter an order there was a button for paper order. When an order is placed, you select paper order and the calendar comes up. Now when the order comes in, go to edit order hit the paper order in-button. The calendar comes up and you enter the date.

Next you print a stock sheet that can be put with each job. It has customer, amount needed, date due, size, and kind of stock. I guess it could be done in the Flight Engineer. Need a stock window that lists the jobs so you can select each job and update the stock for each job.

A print out to put with the stock would be sweet. I get the stock coming in and have no idea at times what job it is for until we need to put it on the press. Just a few things, Hal ...

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Sounds like you custom order most of your paper. As you mentioned, all of your suggestions relate to the Flight Engineer. That plug-in is very much a work in progress and will get more powerful and feature-rich in time. The paper order button is definitely worth looking into when we enhance the link to vendors.

At the moment, most of our efforts are focused on reworking the pricing engine to accommodate user-defined presses and the new MyWay pricing model. Never enough hours in the day.

. . . . .  Hal Heindelforum_shoppinglist_2


Ok, I see the info on my job ticket. I have started to use the new paper order boxes on the Job Ticket and it is working great, Hal. Now it will be easy to know if the stock is ordered and how much.

. . . . .  jerryjfm