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Posted: 07 Apr 2006 10:32 am


Can I add custom paper sizes to a copier? For example, I have one machine that can take 12 x 18 or 12.625 x 17.6875 that allows for a full bleed? Since I have seen that some cutting is automatically figured, using a 12 x 18 and letting the software figure the cutting, would be a bit of a time saver.
. . . . . Allen
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The maximum sheet size for copies is 99 x 99 inches. To set anything larger than 11 x 17, however, you'll need to first toggle Data Validation OFF. Click on the button with the umbrella (or press F7) in My Shop -> My Presses before you click the Maximum Sheetsize button. Morning Flight imposes minimum and maximum "validated" values so that the program can be used by office staff with limited estimating experience, not just by the shop owner or manager. An inexpensive "wrench" utility (TBA) will eventually allow the administrator to expand or narrow the validation range across the board.
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Ed. Note: Current versions of Morning Flight automatically calculate cutting charges for bleeds.