Pixelblitz arriving early


Posted: 16 November 2009

When we announced "Pixelblitz" in a recent insider e-mail to forum members, we said it would be arriving in the Spring of next year. Turns out we were a little pessimistic. This all-new, all-digital version of Morning Flight Silver will actually be on the Printfire Store shelves before Christmas.

"Pixelblitz" is identical to the Silver Edition in all aspects but two:

1.It's digital, copies, and merchandise only - no offset capabilities
2.It's priced at $185.00 instead of $285.00 U.S.

There's more. If you order before December 31, Pixelblitz will come with a $99.00 upgrade coupon for "Pixelblitz +," the upcoming digital only version of Morning Flight Gold.

Isn't it time you put a little present for yourself under the tree?

. . . . .  Hal Heindel