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Postpress Fold Set Limits


Posted: 22 Nov 2005 03:16 pm


Hi Hal

Folding here is charged at $30.00/100, $60/500 ie $120.00 per 1000. But even with data validation off, we cannot enter these amounts - Max limit is $53.00/1000? Overall our installation/setup is going well - staff like the MF features. Thanks.
. . . . . automan
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Hi Automan,

$82.00 US for folding 1,000 sheets? Ouch! The Morning Flight limit for single folding is $60.00 US, so yes, your charges are significantly outside the range (although at a current conversion rate of 1 US to 1.44 NZ, your MF limit should be $86.00 NZ, not $53.00 NZ).

I'm not sure I'd want to universally increase that limit. Maybe other users could join in on this. It would be an easy fix, and once the wrench (TBA) is available, you'll actually be able to adjust all program imposed limits yourself.

In the meantime, here is a work-around. Assuming you're using the Silver Edition, go to My Shop -> Postpress -> My Postpress and add "Single Folding" at a price of $120.00 per thousand. It doesn't appear that you're charging for setup, so set a minimum cost of $30.00.

Glad to hear the installation, save for the folding bit, is going well. Let me know if you're running up against other range limits.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Hi Hal

We got around the fold limits by reinstalling MF and not using the default 1:1 currency conversion.

Fold prices here may seem expensive but it is all related to time in a digital press world. I.e. client file arrives at 1.30 pm, issue proofs, print 1000 4/4 a4, trim to crops and letter fold, client collects at 4.30 pm. Offset print prices are generally a lot cheaper here, but you cannot get the 3 hr digital turnaround time.
. . . . . automan


Hi Automan,

Makes sense. I keep forgetting about digital being in a world all its own. When you reinstalled MF, you must have used a conversion rate greater than the current 1:1.44 NZ, more like 1:2 NZ I would think. That will have increased your max ranges across the board.

Because you initially used a rate of 1:1, the reinstallation with a different rate should have had no undesirable side effects. But if you now have to reinstall once again, for whatever reason, either use 1:1 to maintain the rate you've entered previously, or delete the following files in the MF directory (C:\ProgramFiles\PrintFire\MorningFlight by default):

ELTFile.TPS (Setup Data)
MACFile.TPS (Machine Data)
MASFile.TPS (Master Data)
PRDFile.TPS (Product Data)
PRSFile.TPS (Press Data)
STCFile.TPS (My Paper Colors File)
STKFile.TPS (My Paper Header File)

Deleting those files will of course erase any data you may have entered into them, but it will get you back to square one, to out-of-the-box values, without having to reinstall the program. It will also preserve any quotations and estimates you may have entered. When MF loads and can't find the deleted data files, it will generate new files with default values, then ask you to redo PreLaunch.

If you just want to start over, first use the Windows Control Panel to remove MF, then manually delete the Morning Flight directory (or all the remaining files in it). This will give you a clean reinstall.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel