Price of Morning Flight?


Posted: 19 May 2005 03:25 am



I am very impressed with Morning Flight so far. Will the price really only be around the $300 US mark when it is out of beta stage, or will it end up like most other estimating software, way too overpriced? Also, what programming language are you using to create it? Keep up the good work! Cheers.
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Yes, the price will be under $300 when Morning Flight Silver is released as a boxed CD. Haven't decided yet whether we'll continue to offer it as a download. That decision will depend mostly on how difficult (and costly) it will be for customers outside of the United States to import the program in physical form. The basic version (without the estimate writer, merchandise pricing, and Jet-Entry) will always be a free download.

Morning Flight is written in Clarion, a fourth-generation programming language from SoftVelocity. The Silver Edition consists of more than 250,000 lines of handwritten code and a ton of custom-designed graphics. Not a trivial project! For more on its history, check out

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