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Price Abbreviated


Posted: 25 Dec 2005 04:23 pm


When I was in the Quote Price / Edit Quote and looked at a quote that was over $1600, the little display window on the right half shows $1.6. Maybe there is not enough space for larger dollar amounts in this window?
. . . . . Daryl
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Actually, there is, but the little window didn't think so (the string picture was short a few characters, so it abbreviated the price). Fixed in the upcoming version that also has the new ink screen, PaperShop paper, and an improved digital module.

Working with Morning Flight on Christmas? And you thought I was the one not getting enough sleep. Thanks for the catch, Daryl. Hope you're having a great holiday.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


I noticed you fixed this bug in the new Dec. 30, 2005 version. Thanks.
. . . . . Daryl