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Print Delivery Slip


Posted: 27 August 2010

Hi Hal, is there any way we can print a delivery slip without creating an invoice, and also on the printed slip can we have a "goods received by: (print name)" as well as a signature? Just had an issue of proof of delivery. Just as a point of interest we call it a Delivery Note this side of the pond.

. . . . .  Clive Jaques

That would be nice as sometimes I need to skip the MF invoice and go straight to QuickBooks for the invoice. And I always called them "receiving slips" but I think I like "delivery note" better.

. . . . .  Keith

I have to use them, too. Have delivered a job and they could not find it. I do not use the invoice part of MF too much. I invoice in MF when I need it fast. I do not use the delivery slip because I do not invoice from MF on all jobs. It would be great to have it work without invoicing. I sure could use it more. Maybe you could tie the slip to the job or invoice. I wonder if maybe it is a good idea to use them all the time?

Now, it would be nice if I finish the job and make a delivery slip. Then later I could go back and add the name to a computer slip. Then when asked, you could just look it up. Now I have to look it up in the file. I hate the time it takes to find it.

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Sounds like a good idea, guys. Let me think about it over the weekend. This is Friday, right? God, I hope so. It's been one of those weeks!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Have a good weekend, Hal. Don't you just love us!

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Oh, I do, Jerry! You know I do. About that delivery slip, Clive, turns out that creating one without first creating an invoice comes with a lot of baggage. However, I was able to meet you halfway. See the screen capture.

The problem with creating a delivery slip from something other than an invoice is twofold: Short of creating it free-form (MS Word style), the only document to generate it from outside of an invoice would be the job order. Job orders are one per item. To pull several job orders into one delivery slip would require a whole new file mechanism, similar to what you're now doing with the Invoice Manager. I doubt you'd want to have the customer sign separate delivery slips for each item on the order.

This is one of those innocent looking projects that can get away from you in a hurry. You start with a mouse and end up with an elephant. I checked QuickBooks, and while they do let you create packing slips from sales orders in their higher priced editions, you have to jump through hoops (such as pulling each item from inventory) to accomplish it.

BTW, 'Delivery Note' sounds pretty good on this side of the pond, too. No point having two versions. Now, if you could kindly arrange for traffic to flow on our side of the road so I will have an easier time of it when I next rent a car in London, that would be swell.


. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Hal, I love it when you explain stuff. Every now and then I wonder why something is, or why something can't be, and then you make sense of it all. With the packing slip, if I need it but don't need the invoice (because they already paid or something), I just make the invoice with MF and ignore it. Then I get my packing slip. It's only four extra clicks of the mouse! (I think. I didn't really count.)

. . . . .  Keith