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Printing Estimates


Posted: 03 May 2006 12:00 pm


I've tried to print Estimates but the print button is still grayed out. What am I doing wrong?
. . . . . Heathers
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Is the camera button also grayed out?
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


. . . . . Heathers


That means no estimates have ever been made for that particular customer, or none are highlighted in the Estimator pick list.

Let me back up a bit. Before an estimate can be generated (and then viewed or printed), there has to be at least one quote that can be dropped into the shopping cart for conversion into an estimate. Needless to say, that quote will have had to be issued for the same customer that you're trying to write the estimate for. The quote also can't be more than 30 days old (Ed. Note: Now adjustable from within My Estimate Preferences).

There is a simulation on the web site that will take you through the process. The simulation shows how to gather pre-made quotes into a shopping cart so that Morning Flight can automatically generate an estimate.

Please let me know whether the steps outlined there will light up the print and camera buttons. Clicking the camera button will offer a preview of the estimate before printing it.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel