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Printing Job Tickets


Posted: 25 Oct 2007 04:41 am


Hi Hal, thanks for the gold beta, it all looks good so far, just one little issue. When we print job tickets it still prints the US sizes not the UK sizes. Have you any news on the booklet module as yet? Keep up the good work, it's coming along a treat. Is there any way we can send shipping labels to our label printer without setting that printer to be the default printer.
. . . . . clive jaques
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Hi Clive,

Glad to learn there were no hiccups installing the Gold. I'm nut sure I understand the part about US versus UK sizes. If the country is set to "United Kingdom," the program will automatically use ISO sizes such as A4 instead of 8.5 x 11. (It will also spell Color as Colour.) Are there sizes that are either unavailable from the various pick lists, or are shown by MF in USA size designations?

The only way to send Shipping Lables to a specific printer is the way you're doing it now: Click Print > Setup to change your default printer, print the labels, then click Print > Setup again to revert to the original default.

The Booklet Module? Next on the list, AFTER we've finished the Help System and Manual. Good to hear from you, Clive. All the best,
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Hi Hal, this is how it goes: I quote on an A4 book page, then make it an order, then go to print job sheet or ticket and on screen or print out. Next to the quantity it says book page, US 216 X 279. Then further down all the other sizes on the sheet refer to US sizes.
. . . . . clive jaques


Hi Hal, following on from my postings on the gold edition I have found a small bug in the order tracking on the merchandise side. When you select ordered, it displays received in the station section, the same message as when you click on received.
. . . . . clive jaques


Clive, we've managed to trace (and eradicate) the ISO size bug. A new MFSetupG.exe has been uploaded to our web site this morning. Click here to download.

This turned out to be a read-only bug that affected ISO installations only. Jobs were entered OK, but were read back with the default USA paper viewer. Once you reinstall the Gold, any orders already entered will be viewed and printed out properly.

I'm still not satisfied with the way ISO envelope sizes are displayed on Job Sheets. Within the USA paper system, size designations such as 6-3/4 or Size 10 become part of the name and are printed in bold letters. I'm wondering whether ISO designations such as DL or C6 shouldn't be treated the same way. Any thoughts on that?

I couldn't reproduce the Merchandise bug in the Job Tracker. Could be a problem with the British translation file. Try deleting the RSEFile.TPS before you reinstall. Morning Flight will automatically regenerate it. If that doesn't work, could you please email me a screen shot?

Thanks for giving the Gold such a thorough workout.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Hi Hal, thanks for the quick response on the first point. I will try reinstalling on Monday. I think your point with the envelopes is a valid one. We from time to time overprint quite a lot of Envelopes supplied by the customer, so we just need to allocate a size and run length. I am now giving the system some hammer and have found another bug. I have priced a 2-colour job Ok then converted it to an order, but when I view or print the job ticket it describes it as a 2-colour job but only shows the first selected Pantone colour in the ink section on the job ticket.
. . . . . clive jaques


Halloween must be closer than I thought - another mystery bug I can't reproduce! On all five of our machines, running XP and VISTA, the ink color transfer is flawless. I've entered PMS 109 and PMS 185, with and without black. Can you tell me what two colors you're quoting on, Clive? Also, is there a difference in price between the quote and the order?
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Hi Hal, the colours are PMS violet (this is on the job sheet) and PMS 226. The job sheet price is £8 cheaper than the quote price.
. . . . . clive jaques


Hi Clive, another bug squashed! When you reinstall from the new MFSetupG.exe file uploaded Sunday night, you'll find the Gold Edition will transfer all inks properly from Quotes to Orders. PMS226, being a custom ink, turned out to be the culprit.

You said you're planning to give the system some hammer. Make it a big one. We appreciate your help!
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Hi Hal, are you only allowed three users? I had five set up on MF Silver. All worked Ok but now that we are in Gold, only three work, the last two added seem not to work!

I am also having a problem with merchandise orders. We are selling printed popup banners at £58 each. I have set this up as an item of merchandise. This is all fine when I enter the order, it displays the price at £21.05. I have also found that it will often not display a price at all. This seems to be linked in some way to the quantity settings, and there seems to be no logic to this. As I change the quantity in the setup page, sometimes it will display a price on the order, sometimes not. I will leave this one with you, trust you will have it fixed by the morning as per usual. Only joking, speak to you soon.
. . . . . clive jaques


Can't guarantee a fix by morning, Clive, but we can at least start looking for the gremlins straightaway.

The number of users is limited only by disk space, which means it's likely to be in the millions. When that becomes an issue, I'll be the first to tell you that you've outgrown Morning Flight. We did enhance security for the Gold, but hopefully not to the point where new users are locked out altogether. How exactly do the last users entered not work (can't log in, can't be updated, etc.)? And what OS are you using, XP or Vista?

I couldn't duplicate the pricing problem with merchandise. The way I set up your popup banners is per piece, as shown in the screen below. That worked as advertised - for any quantity. Maybe you can give me a step-by-step example so we can track down what's causing the problem. I'm not sure I understand which quantity you're changing in the setup page.

BTW, if you haven't discovered it already, the easy way to make all prices the same is to enter the price for only the first and the last quantity, then click the Sort button. In fact, forget the Sort button. The program will automatically sort when you click Ok.

Don't let go of that hammer!
. . . . .  Hal Heindel