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Printing Phone/Fax Number


Posted: 10 May 2006 03:31 pm


How do I set up our phone and fax number to print on the estimate sheet? I would also like to set up the customer's phone and fax on the estimates. Thanks, Lu
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Hi Lu,

To print your phone number on Estimates, go to My World > My Company and fill in your company's phone and fax numbers. If you didn't check (or tick, in the King's English) the "Print on Letterhead" box in the Estimator window, your phone number will from then on be displayed as part of the masthead. No fax number, though. That only prints on Memo Sheets.

There is no provision in Morning Flight to print the customer's phone and fax number on the estimate. The address box is designed to show through on window envelopes, and in the States at least, the Postal Service frowns on having to sift through anything but the addressee's name and location (and barcode, if available).
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