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Posted: 06 Jan 2006 04:53 pm


I tried to enter a stock into Buy as needed Paper. The paper was Radiant Fluorescent Bristol 25 x 38 296M weight and comes in 400 sheets per carton. Also this is a mill order and they will not sell less than a carton. I entered this into My Store as a Buy as needed Paper but it would not accept the 400 carton and the 296 M weight. I played around until it finally accepted it but when I went to do a price quote and went to Buy as needed Paper the stock was not there. I think the problem was with the changes in the Carton Quantity and the weight. The program did not like it and would not show up when I tried to do a quote.

Another problem I ran into on this job was that I quoted 2-up but not a work and turn because the back of the sheet is white and the front is orange. Is there a way that if the program thinks it should be a work and turn that it will ask first before assuming it is a work and turn? This is one of the few times that I ran across a stock where I had to order a full carton so it is not worth trying to resolve that issue. But the issue about the weight and carton quantity and the work and turn thing I would hope you would take a look at. Again thanks for your hard work.
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Daryl, the answer to your Buy-as-Needed Paper problem comes down to labeling. When MF asks for the weight, it's asking for the basis weight, not the M weight. In this particular instance (for your 296M 25x38 Bristol), the basis weight would be 100 lbs.

The reason the program wants the basis weight and not the M weight is twofold: First, because in the metric world, there is no M weight, only a basis weight in gsm. Second, the basis weight is static, the M weight is tied to size. Once you enter a particular paper by M weight and then change the size, you have to remember to go back and change the M weight or CWT pricing will be inaccurate. Morning Flight calculates the M weight internally.

The fact that you were unable to enter a carton quantity of 400 is puzzling, since that field isn't checked for range. You should be able to enter any value between 1 and 99,999 (not that a single-sheet carton would make much sense).

I will have another look at the work-and-turn issue. As you've discovered, the program defaults to W/T as soon as you enter a two-sided, x-up run. You can then turn W/T off by making the product a Special and clicking "Properties." Having the program constantly ask for a decision would get tiring, but maybe have the work-and-turn default built into the base product? I'll let you know.
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Daryl, on your work-and-turn problem, I decided to make the base product more persistent. When you load a product that has W/T turned off, W/T will now stay off until you explicitly override it. The new EXE was uploaded to the website this morning.

For readers not familiar with how to set W/T while modifying a product, go to My Store -> My Products, double-click the product you want to change, then press F11 or click the "Don't Walk" button at the bottom. You'll find a checkbox marked Work and Turn.
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I agree with Daryl. I find myself turning W/T off 99% of the time. Thanks for the fix!
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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Thanks, Hal, for the change. Also thanks, Craig, for the feedback. It is good to know I was not the only one.

This might be a stupid question but how do you know that 25 x 38 298M is 100 lb? I know that the M weight is for 1000 sheets of the size of the stock. (eg. 1000 sheets of 25 x 38 Rad. Flour. Orange weight 298 lb.) but how did you figure out that it is 100 lb?
. . . . . Daryl


I cheated, Daryl - had Morning Flight figure it out for me. Here is a formula I developed for the program:

CASE SubGroup
OF Bond OROF Ledger OROF NCR OROF Envelope
 RETURN(ROUND(Gramms / 3.76070,1))
OF Cover OROF DiecutBlank
 RETURN(ROUND(Gramms / 2.70481,1))
OF Index
 RETURN(ROUND(Gramms / 1.80842,1))
OF Bristol
 RETURN(ROUND(Gramms / 2.19337,1))
OF Tag
 RETURN(ROUND(Gramms / 1.62789,1))
OF Book
 RETURN(ROUND(Gramms / 1.48053,1))

Once you have the gsm for your 25 x 38 296 M weight Bristol (it happens to be 219), divide that by 2.19337 to arrive at 99.85. Rounded, it will get you 100. If conversion from M weight to basis weight is something you need regularly, I'll try to come up with an easier way to get there.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel