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Problem with My Products


Posted: 23 Dec 2005 01:09 am


Hi Hal

Tonight I thought I would put a Z in front of all the products that came with the program and then as I verify each product with my old estimating system I would then remove the Z from in front of the product name (also this puts the products that came with Morning Flight to the bottom of the list). It worked in the other sections (the sections I had time to try), but when I got to the carbonless section and tried to remove the Z and save the product again the program said I already have a product with that name ... but I don't. Is this me or is there a bug in the program?
. . . . . Daryl
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Hi Daryl,

Neat trick, adding a Z to temporarily put all MF products at the bottom of the list. Not so neat when you can't restore some.

The code that checks for duplicates ignored the number of parts in a carbonless form, so when you tried to save the 2-part form, it ignored that form (seeing you weren't adding it, only putting it back) but then found the same name in the 3-part form, so it flagged it. Don't know if that makes sense, but in any event, it's been fixed. There's a new version of MF coming next week. I'll let you know when it's ready for downloading.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Thanks for your quick response. Do you sleep?

I will wait for the new release. The more I work with MF the more I like it. I am starting to understand how it works and remembering where everything is. Keep working on this project, I think you got something here.
. . . . . Daryl