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Problem with Paper Grain


Posted: 5 June 2013

Either I found an issue with Morning Flight or it's calling me an idiot. I am doing a quote My Way and enter in a crazy paper using the F3 Special Paper button. All is fine and dandy till I try to click on the Grain button and it freezes. I have to quit MF and re-open it.

It's a 9x16 brochure and the paper is 25x38. If I don't touch the Grain button and just hit Save and then go back in, it switched from mixed grain 6-out to long grain 4-out. Which is what I want anyway. So, I guess there really isn't a problem but it could be if someone wanted to change the grain or number out. Maybe MF knows that my cutter isn't big enough?

. . . . .  Keith

Let's go with the first option, Keith, the one about having an issue with Morning Flight. The program isn't talented enough to execute the second.

The thing is, I can't duplicate the glitch. On our machines, the grain selection window pops up just fine. Even when the program does detect that your cutter isn't big enough, it should never freeze. Ignore your input and beep at you, maybe, but not lock up. For what it's worth, we didn't touch any part of that code during the V13.1 upgrade, so if there's a bug hiding somewhere, it's an old one.

Can you try clicking on the grain display instead of on the button? To take your cutter size out of it, set cutting to "Vendor." Actually, the program should have made in-house cutting unavailable and switched to vendor cutting automatically if your cutter is too small for the parent sheet.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel



Yes, cutting In-House is greyed out. When I click on the grain display, nothing happens other than the Grain button twitches.

. . . . .  Keith

That's normal, Keith, seeing the waste is 39% for either long or short. It only drops to 9% when the cut size is grain mixed.

We've now tried to duplicate the bug on every OS from XP to Win 8, using regular and My Way pricing, with the same result: no freeze. The grain window pops up consistently. Any chance you could email me screen captures of the custom product and paper windows to make sure we're both using the same specs?

Also, can you temporarily set your maximum cutter size to 40 x 60? Shouldn't make a difference, but we're grabbing at straws. Thanks.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Sorry for taking so long with this. Got busy and forgot about it. I will email the screen shots after I post this. I did try changing the cutter settings but that did nothing as you suspected.

One thing you may not be aware of - I have MF installed in Dropbox and run it from there. So, I don't know if that could have anything to do with this issue. There are a few files that say "Conflicted Copy" but I think that was from having MF open at the same time on different computers as the computer name is next to the file name. Here's one for example: JBHFile (CONN's conflicted copy 2013-03-08).TPS.

As always, it's great when you get to talk to the architect of the program, makes for the best tech support!

. . . . .  Keith

Ok, running .exe files from Dropbox, that's new, also unsupported even by Dropbox - no .exe files in sight anywhere! Ingenious, but verboten. Amazing that Morning Flight will even run out of there. That's really pushing the envelope, and you know what they say about pioneers: They're the guys with the arrows in their backs.

Appreciate the kudos about our tech support, Keith. For what it's worth, I'm writing this at 5:33 AM on a rainy Sunday morning.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Yeah, I can't remember how I got the idea but I figured that if MF can be installed on a thumb drive and Dropbox is like another drive on your computer, then why not? I simply dragged the file into my Dropbox folder and disabled the file update notification and haven't had any problems for a few months now. When you released the new version I simply selected Dropbox when my computer asked where I would like to install MF.

If you like that, you'll love this - sometimes I run MF on my server. which is Ubuntu 12.04, using WINE (WINdows Emulator).

. . . . .  Keith

You're a brave soul, Keith, living on the edge and probably having fun doing it!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel