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Posted: 22 March 2010

Hi Hal, is there any way you can put some boxes on the job ticket for the staff to sign to say they have done a quality check on the job as it progresses in print and finishing and before packing. We have just had a QC issue and I was unable to nail anyone for it as it seems to have been my job to check the quality even when I was out that day.

. . . . .  Clive

Brings back memories, Clive! The buck rarely stops where it's supposed to. Putting boxes on the job ticket would be the easy part. Making sure those boxes are ticked (and owned up to after the fact) will be like nailing Jell-O to a tree. Of course, you could collect everyone's signature in addition to the checkmark, but that would impede your workflow.

In the end, I think it all depends on how large your shop is. That, and the size of your average order. If you're processing mostly large orders, the multiple sign-offs are viable and probably even mandatory. With lots of small orders and few employees, the extra step will put a damper on efficiency and drive up costs.

Before we go ahead with the change shown on the attachment, I would really like to hear from other members. Good idea, or too much clutter?

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

I like the idea, but Hal is right. I am a one man band that does a lot of small orders and it would slow me down. Ultimately, check boxes would be silly for me specifically because I would only have myself to blame. I don't think it adds any clutter. If I did some kind of QC system, I would print everyone's name on little pieces of paper and have them slip it in the clear job jackets that I like to use. It would suck to have to pull out the paperwork all the time to initial it. Hal, if you do add them, I think it would make sense to put the letters "QC" next to the box and make it big enough to hold initials.

. . . . .  Keith

I agree with Keith's suggestion that some type of QC or "Inspected by" needs to be by the box.

. . . . .  Craig

Well I am not sure you need the box. If that is how your QC works you just need to train them to sign off on the right where the box would be. There is room there to do so. Even with the box they will not always check it, I am sure. When you have more that one person in a department as we do and they forget to sign off, who do you go to? It would be easy to print at the bottom of some paper with your custom wording and sign off area. Then you run that through your printer when you run out the job sheet from MF. Like you would when you print on preprinted letterhead paper. You can get real fancy that way.

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Clive, notwithstanding the fact that the art of training employees often invites comparison to herding cats, Jerry makes a good point. The thing is, we needed to rework the job ticket anyway to identify the press more prominently and add some other stuff for an upcoming version.

So while we were at it, we left room in the box next to the press. For, I dunno, the press operator's initials maybe? Not much of a stretch, seeing he or she already needs a constant reminder to fill in the time spent on the press and the number of sheets used.

The new Gold beta was uploaded on April 4 (Easter Sunday). Hope this helps.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Hal, I don't know why I can never find the Gold Updates. Could you kindly throw the dog a bone here?

. . . . . Craig

Hi Craig, Hope you and your family had a nice Easter. We're hiding the Gold beta download link under Bug Fixes. No need to fill out the form, you're on the list.

While I have you, one of your recent wishes was for running MF on your network. Is it peer-to-peer or client-server? I may not have mentioned this before, but Morning Flight programs are inherently multi-user capable, meaning all data files are opened in "Read/Write+DenyNone" mode. What's missing is record locking and being able to store those files on a server. That's not insignificant, which is why we don't advertise the programs for use on a network. I'm just trying to get a feel for the environment we should design for.

LAN's were relatively simple until Vista and Windows 7 and UAC came along. Client-server would mean converting the file structure to an SQL database. That's not a mandatory requirement (TPS files work just fine on a server), but recommended. When we bite that bullet, my thinking is to make it a web app with MySql, a free database offered by nearly every ISP. At last count, MySql had more than a million installations.

. . . . . Hal Heindel

Hal, Couldn't have asked for a better Easter, I actually took the day off work! We are a client server here. That's about all I know or care to know as well. I have trouble keeping out of trouble as it is.

. . . . . Craig

Hi Hal, thanks for the comments and upgrade. I will get my cat herding stick out and sharpen it a little. On the network front we run a server based network with windows server 2003 and XP workstations. The way I set it up was to install it on the server and just create a short cut on each workstation desktop. Works fine, never fell over or locked (perhaps not technically correct but works for us).

. . . . . Clive

We have an external drive on our Graphics computer. That computer is set so all other computers can access the external drive on the network. So the Graphics computer is the server. It runs Windows 7 and all others are XP. Hope that is some help.

. . . . . jerryjfm