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Quote Sheet vs Estimate


Posted: 4 August 2011

I am trying to understand the difference between Quote Price and Write Estimate in MF. We have been using an application, up until last week, for the last 10+ years that has only Estimates and Job Tickets. The two are easy to understand. One is in a sense a sales order and the later is a work order.

So what is the difference between Quote Price and Write Estimate? Can we jump right in and Write an Estimate without Quoting a Price?

. . . . .  Rob Smith

I think I can help on this one. An estimate is a form letter with a bit more info. The estimate is more formal and is nicer to give the customer. You can e-Mail an estimate. It is really a cool way to send it to the customer. You have to do a quote first and then turn it into an estimate. You can do more than one quote for the same customer and then combine them on the estimate. You can customize the wording on an estimate. Hope this was some help to you.

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Thanks jerryfm, that does help.

. . . . .  Rob Smith

Welcome. You will really like it when you start to use it. Makes you look so professional. Well, makes me look like I know what I am doing anyway.

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Thanks for helping out, Jerry, and for giving Morning Flight a big thumbs up! It appears the only thing left for me to explain is, why do we need quote sheets? Let’s start with some definitions:

Price Sheet. The basic building block for creating estimates. Prices in Price Sheets are non-adjustable and always show pricing generated by the program. Not allowing price adjustments is essential when more than one person does the estimating. That way you always have a baseline. Price Sheets are for internal use only. They may contain notes not meant to be seen by customers.

Quote Sheet. Similar to Price Sheet but without internal notes. Quote Sheets will, however, reflect discounts or surcharges specific to a particular customer. Used primarily in editions lacking the Estimator. Of little use elsewhere.

Estimate. The primary estimating tool in the Silver, Gold, and Pixelblitz editions. Generates a written estimate that can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the customer. Estimates offer the following additional advantages over Quote Sheets:

1.Several quotes can be combined into one estimate.
2.The price of each individual quote is adjustable on an item by item basis.
3.The Estimator automatically consolidates paper discounts and ink charges (if more than one offset job is run with the same ink color, the ink is charged only once).
4.When a quote is updated and that quote is used in an existing Estimate, the update automatically filters down to the Estimate.
5.Estimates are written in the buyer’s language. In other words, when a printer in Toronto needs to quote a customer in Quebec, the estimate is translated into French.

Price Sheets do offer one advantage over Estimates: They allow you to work up a price on the fly without first having to fill in customer data. Only if you want to save the quote do you need to tell Morning Flight who the customer is.

One final point, Rob: In Morning Flight, estimates are not sales orders, they merely give the customer an estimate of the cost and  time required to complete the job. The closest we come to a sales order is an Order Acknowledgment that lets you consolidate job tickets into a single order, the same way the Estimator lets you consolidate individual quotes into a single estimate.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Thanks Hal! I've already posted more questions through out the forum. And I'll keep them coming as I read and tread through this process of setting up MF.

. . . . .  Rob Smith