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Recapture Quote for Estimate


Posted: 20 October 2010

Stupid things I should know how to do ...

... but I don't! Sometimes I think I'm a first time MF user, I swear I might be loosing it.

I made a quote, then converted it into an estimate. Customer wanted to add several things to see how it effected the price. I made a NEW quote and instead of adding that quote to the existing estimate I clicked on a new estimate and said "crap" and erased that estimate ... and said "CRAP" (I actually used big boy words) because now I can't access that quote to add it into the existing estimate.

The quote is still in the system, I can open it and edit it, but when I try to make an estimate from it, it no longer is available to select. I think I need a vacation

. . . . .  Craig

Sorry, Craig, can't help you with that vacation. On the other hand, recapturing a previously used quote into a new estimate, that's a snap: Open the quote edit window and highlight the quote, then click the paperclip button at the bottom and close the window. Create a new quote and click the paperclip button there. That will import a copy from the clipboard. Save the quote, which will now be available for use in another estimate.

FYI, the reason captured quotes become unavailable for another estimate is because edits performed in captured quotes automatically cascade down into the estimate. If the same quote were to be included in two different estimates, one of the two estimates would get changed surrepticiously, "behind the scenes", without you knowing about it.

As a resident Morning Flight expert, Craig, you rarely find yourself in pickles like this and that's a shame. I always get a chuckle out of how you describe your predicament. Coming from someone who, until watching an episode or two of "Everybody loves Raymond", thought "CRAP" was a big boy word.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel
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I love the paperclip button.

. . . . .  Keith

Thanks. Sorry for the delay, caught up in political hell week. Thanks for the tip on the paperclip!

. . . . .  Craig