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Rounding Estimates


Posted: 10 August 2011

We like to round-up our estimate prices to the next nearest dollar value. I did find that I can do that when writing an Estimate. But I can only do the first quantity. Is there another way to go about rounding the dollar values of all quantities to the next nearest dollar?

. . . . .  Rob Smith

There isn't, Rob. Here is why: When you change the price of the first quantity of a quote in an estimate, the prices of the remaining two quantities are automatically adjusted by the same factor. Those prices are then rounded, using Morning Flight's internal algorithm (prices higher than $1,000 rounded to even dollars, prices higher than $500 rounded to fifty cents, and so on).

I would discourage always rounding prices to even dollars from a purely marketing perspective. What makes perfect sense for high dollar amounts will look phony for low-priced ticket items. Imagine walking into a hardware store to find every nut and bolt priced in even dollars!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel