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Running on the Mac


Posted: 1 February 2009

Question received yesterday by e-mail: "Hi, do you intend to get your software running on Apple Mac software? Do you know that most of the UK print shops use Apple mac's?"

Our reply: "Hi Mike, the short answer is No, we don't intend to, and Yes, we do know. Here is the longer version. I wrote that three years ago, and except for the bit about VISTA (a truly great BAD idea), the facts haven't changed. Most U.S. print shops use Macs as well, but as they're being upgraded to Intel chip versions, the issue goes away. Besides, bargain basement PCs really are bargain basement these days, and all will run Morning Flight.

Also weighing against it is that porting applications to the old Motorola Macs would be far from trivial. It would consume literally thousands of hours, time better spent on browser-based (and chip independent) Web2Print."

. . . . .  Hal Heindel