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Posted: 26 September 2010

I've been a long time getting round to using Morning Flight and I can't believe that I'm asking this question - it seems so basic but here we go anyway. I see from earlier posts that the copiers have run rates (as expected), but where are they? How do you set them up? I think I have pressed every button but I've obviously missed the ones that matter!

If it helps any, it does seem that the 'Copy Rates' sub-screen is in US$ and I'm here in sunny Scotland and generally using Metric / Sterling. That, of course, might help you and hopefully me as it still surprises me to have to ask?

. . . . .  PeterL

OK, first we need to take care of the country and money. See the icons at the top? Second from the right, that is the Flight Engineer. You open that. Next go to File in upper right. Click My World. The top button says My Country. Now at the bottom, see the button next to the trash can. It is the add new country button. Has a+ sign on it. Open that. Here you add money, metric, and all else you need.

Next, copies. Go to File and select MY STORE. Click PRODUCTS. In the black panel on the right, click Copies. That will bring up all the copy products that are in MF so far. To set the price, double-click the one you want to change. Now you'll see a Prices button. Click that and you can set your pricing.

I use the Gold Edition so I hope it is the same.

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Jerry - thanks for the reply. Seems that both systems are much the same in this respect. My system has the right Country and uses Metrics rather than Imperial or at least it does in all but the copies. I drilled down as you suggested and get the Copier Pricing screen but I don't see any way that I can actually change / alter the prices which remain in US$. I'm obviously missing something fairly basic here.

Clearly too early in the day for me - found the Prices Button and that takes me to the pricing screen where I can change prices but as yet they remain in US$, so will revisit that path and see where it leads. Also, the job is for DS A3 yet the pricing shows single-sided A4, again in US$.

. . . . .  PeterL

When you change your country, money, and metrics, make sure you hit save. Sounds like it didn't save the new info. Have you checked other jobs to see if they show the money and metrics correctly?

You can always copy and send your MF files so I can load them and see what it does here. You just copy your .TPS files and eMail them. I can view your setup and fix it if it's not a bug. If it is a bug we have to work with Hal to fix it. He is very good about getting it fixed ... With MF you get really good support! I will wait till you double check your settings.

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Hi Peter, I was tied up with getting our September FlyBy out the door (while it could still be called a 'September' FlyBy), and I want to thank Jerry for filling in some of the gaps.

First, the US$ issue. I suspect the confusion is caused by Morning Flight defining your British 'pence' as American 'cents'. It actually is pence. The only reason we're even displaying it next to the entry box is because 7.5 cents is easier to digest than 0.075.

Though clearly not everywhere. No matter how hard we try to get all the cats corralled, one always slips by. This happens to be a perfect example. The program uses a single language file for English, but customizes that file for non-American use. The word 'color' stays color for the U.S., but changes to 'colour' in the custom version.

Unfortunately, we couldn't accommodate 'pence' because every English-speaking country outside of the UK (that I know of) uses 'cents' as we do in the States. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, to name a few. The good news is that in MF, the word 'cents' is restricted to the monitor - it never shows up on quotes or orders. If you've entered the UK as your country during Pre-Launch, you should see the pound sign in your external quotes and orders.

Now, about A3 being priced as A4. Here is a link that will explain that. In a nutshell, prices are always entered for A4, 1-side. MF will automatically price other sizes and configurations based on what is charged for A4. Otherwise it would be too easy to forget to update pricing for one copy size when you're updating the other.

Cheers! By the way, glad you asked.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel



Hi Jerry, thanks for jumping in. I see you discovered that some of the My World stuff has been moved to the Flight Engineer - for the Gold only. There's so much going on at the main menu that it made sense to move things that are hardly ever used out of the way.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Ah, your welcome, Hal. I really don't mind if I can help a fellow MF mate. I am still learning after some two years now. We are running MF full steam ... next I have to learn the new MyWay pricing.

. . . . .  jerryjfm

Thanks both - that's enough questions for now. I will start using it and see where we go. You're right about the cents, of course, it doesn't print-out as cents which is the main thing.

Whilst on the subject of Wish-Lists, how about simple price lists? For us, Invitations would be a good example where we follow your pricing ideal and take what the market will stand rather than add 10p to our costs - not managed enough for a plane yet though!

. . . . .  PeterL