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Posted: 1 October 2010

How do I show the Estimated Cost and/or Time (in addition to the price)? I like to see my estimated margin before I quote a price. Thanks.

. . . . .  Ron

You brought up a good point, Ron. While it's easy (and reliable) to show the margin for paper, doing the same for hourly rates is an exercise in wishful thinking. Being merely "budgeted," those rates have little in common with reality. Their contribution to profit varies not only from day to day, but from job to job. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new here.

In Morning Flight, paper margins can readily be displayed by clicking on the white F3 panel in the quote window when the cursor turns into a camera icon. Projected run charges can similarly be shown in the F2 panel. See the attachments.

Makeready and run charges include contribution to profit. Realistically, that contribution would have to be extracted based on equipment utilization on the day the job is actually being run. Which is where the wishful thinking part comes in.

At the print shop I owned in upstate New York, we performed a profit analysis at the end of each month for the high value jobs produced that month. The variations were such that the description quickly changed from "profit analysis" to "autopsy report." It wasn't that we didn't make money at the end of the year, just not where and when we expected to.

Printing is what printing is. Welcome to the Forum!

. . . . .  Hal Heindel