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Sorting Paper Listings


Posted: 23 May 2005 11:35 am


Is there any way to sort the paper once it is entered? Is there any chance a job ticket could be printed with all the specs including the paper cut sketch for the pressman, but without the prices?
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Job Tickets will be available in the upcoming Gold Edition that includes Order Entry, Invoicing, and Job Tracking.

When you're printing a paper list, you can have it sorted by either Category, Name, or Popularity (how often that particular paper was used in a quote or an order). When you're viewing paper in a browse box, it can be sorted by Weight, Name, Type, or Size. Just left-click on the appropriate heading.






In some browse boxes, you can also refine the listing by color. Click on one of the color bars in the black panel to the right. Or, left-click on the blue ball and drag it up or down while holding down the mouse button. Selecting the bar on the bottom will bring up all colors. Incidentally, the same thing goes for ink.
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