Status Update - PIREP 1/2009


Posted: 13 January 2009

Morning Flight downloads have now crossed the 7,000 mark, and active installations are approaching 5,000. If all goes well, and it seldom does but I'll settle for 50/50, we'll have commercial versions available by early summer.

Here are a few other statistics as we head into 2009:

Morning Flight has surged onto the first page of Google (1-10 out of more than eighteen million search results for "Print Estimating").
We now get more visits to the Printfire web site from direct traffic and referring sites than we do from search engines. Apparently, Morning Flight is getting noticed.
40% of all downloads are delivered overseas. That's up from 30% the year before. Our very first registration in 2009 came from the Philippines.

That last number is intriguing. Morning Flight is clearly the most affordable program of its kind on the planet. Could it be that printers in the U.S. are still less price-conscious than their colleagues abroad?

A current thread on the PrintPlanet forum talks about low-cost estimating programs. As you read the posts, four thousand dollars is tossed around as an affordable number. In another thread, one member compares Morning Flight to ePace. ePace! A system that another forum member pricetags at $80,000.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel