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Posted: 02 Jan 2006 02:47 am


I have two trade clients that account for about 45% of my quotes. How can I set up trade and retail pricing levels so I don't have to go in and fudge the numbers to make them work? Or can I load the program twice and set up pricing specific for my trade customers?
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Jim, you could install Morning Flight twice, using a different directory, but there are easier ways to extend trade discounts.




For specific customers, enter the trade discount under "Terms -> Reduce Prices" (My Store -> My Customers -> Change Customer). Here you can also add surcharges for customers that are either a credit risk or are difficult to deal with.

To adjust the price of a specific item, click the blue Price button on the bottom of the Estimate Writer. For more on Price Adjustments, take a look at Pricing Levels.
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