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Posted: 16 Apr 2007 03:48 pm


I have a weird problem when translating text. Once I have entered the new text, I click on the check mark to mark the page as done. The red dot is gone but the text goes back to the original version.

The way I have to go is to click on one of the arrows to save the text, come back to the page and click the check mark to mark the page as done. And click the arrow once again to go to the next page. Any idea what could be causing this?
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What you're describing is actually normal behavior. Normal for Morning Flight, anyway. Apparently not so normal for the user. Looks as if a revisit is in order!

Translated pages are saved automatically whenever a page is turned. There is currently no other way to save pages. What you're suggesting is that it would probably be more intuitive if each page were saved when the check button is clicked as well. I agree. Question is, should the page be saved only when the check button is clicked to mark the page as done, or when that button is clicked to unmark the page as well?

Thank you for helping us improve the program!
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The fact that it doesn't save when you click the check mark isn't counterintuitive. It's the fact that it puts back the old text that is counterintuitive. Here is the way I was expecting to use it.

1.Translate the text
2.Mark the page as translated
3.Change page to save text and start the translation on the next page.

You could also make it save when you click the check mark but I don't think it is essential.

By the way, is there a way to export, print all of the translated text or at least a text dump of the file? I would like to at least print all the translated text to be able to give it to someone to check for errors. It would be a lot faster for them than to install the software and use to translate tool to go through every page. Thanks.
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Reordering the steps the way you've outlined them makes sense. We've reworked the program. I'll post it here when the new Setup files are available for downloading.

The print feature has been on our To Do list for a while. Time permitting, we'll try to include either an export or a print function in the new Setup file.
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Thank you very much for such great support. I'll add more one suggestion, but this one I know is for the very, very long term, and there could be some technical reasons as to why this can't be done.

I would approach the language file as a glossary instead of a screen by screen approach. Each phrase would only need to be translated once instead of the 20-30 times for some phrases that get repeated on a lot of screens. I believe this would save a tremendous time in the translation process and would eliminate or reduce the translation time when you add additional functions in the future. Thanks again for everything.
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The Morning Flight Translator has been modified as you suggested, and reworked Setup files have been uploaded to the web site. A new Print button now provides a printout of the translated text as well.

Saving this text in a dictionary to avoid duplication is no doubt the most logical and time-efficient way of presenting software in another language. We started out that way with Morning Flight, but then decided against it. The main problem with a centralized glossary is that it is virtually impossible to control how and where the translated text will display on the screen. In other words, "PaperShop Papierdatei bearbeiten" may fit as a menu item, but could sneak in as "PaperShop Papierdatei bea" somewhere else. With the window-by-window approach, we can abbreviate any text where screen real estate is tight (which, for most languages other than English, it usually is).

It came down to extra work versus greater flexibility, and flexibilty won out. Sorry about the extra work. We do consolidate where similar windows contain the same text, but in general, when you edit text in one Morning Flight window, you can be sure the edit won't mess up a window somewhere else.

There are now several users working on translations. Thank you for that - can't wait to break the news!
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