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Using Templates for Booklets


Posted: 15 January 2012

Needing a template for custom 2-part carbonless, 50 forms to a booklet. My cost to get NCR Lasersnap to my office for 1,000 sheets (or 500 copies) is $34.95 plus shipping (do I add to price of paper?). Size is 3-1/2 x 6 and are booked with a wrap around cover I cut myself to fit any size of form required. We use two Konica colour lasers with click of .011 for black and .088 for colour and a lease of $1178.36 every three months.

. . . . .  Linda
Hi Linda, just a couple of questions to make sure I understand the job specs:

1.How many up are you printing the forms? (Answer: 3)
2.What's the size of the NCR Lasersnap sheets? I'm assuming 8.5x11. (Answer: 9x11 perforated)
3.Does the wraparound cover the entire front? (Answer: Yes, 3.5x6)

I'm also assuming you're buying the paper a carton at a time. What's the shipping cost for that? (Answer: $20.00) And, yes, we would have to add it to the cost of the paper. Plugging in a realistic hourly press rate is difficult without knowing how many hours a day, on average, the Konicas are being used. That's because press utilization makes up the lion's share in calculating the BHR (budgeted hourly rate).

Below are a series of screen captures to show how I arrived at the quote. The only thing I had to fudge was the cover. Instead of a single wraparound, I've had to quote it as two 3.5x6" sheets. Unless you need to quote the NCR booklets in very large quantities (10,000+), this shouldn't materially affect the price. All runs are in black, printed 1 side.

. . . . .  Hal Heindel

Here are the individual steps:

1.Enter your click charges and change the >8.5x11 pointed to by the arrow to >8.5x14 by simply clicking on it. That's to accommodate a 9x11 press sheet without increasing your click charges.
2.Activate Custom Binding (My Shop > Bookbinding > My Bind) and enter the costs per booklet.
3.Create 9x11 paper items for Carbonless sheets. Although you buy the paper in sets, you'll need to enter the costs for individual sheets. When adding the colors and coatings, make sure the Text Validation button is set to Off so you can enter CF, CB, and CFB in all Caps.
4.Create a phantom customer named "Templates".
5.Create a new Booklet Quote as shown in the screen captures. Make sure all pages are marked as inserts (the checkbox next to the yellow bullets), then click the Custom Product button in the Page Entry Screen (or press Ctrl-F2). Enter the product size as 3.5x6, run 3-up on a 9x11 press sheet.
6.Before entering the New Book Quote, select "Template" as the customer, and press F5 (or click the button) to enter a keyword that will identify the template in the browse box. Click Ok to enter the quote.
7.Open the Edit Quote window, highlight the template quote, then click the Paper Clips Button pointed to by the red arrow. This will save the template to the clipboard.
8.Open the New Bookprice window (Quote Price > Quote Bookprice). Click the Paper Clips Button at the bottom row. That will import the template from the clipboard. Make any adjustments, such as the quantity, page count or a new keyword, select the customer, then save the quote.