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Posted: 19 Nov 2005 03:15 am


Hi Hal,

You have indicated you are looking to rework the press file in the near future and so would like you to consider adding a large format press.

A large format inkjet press needs:

1.Large maximum print size - up to 2500 x 6000 in mm
2.At least 3 liquid ink cost options - Dye , UV & Solvent in ml per sq/m
3.Run time as usual in minutes
4.Startup waste - typically 0.5 sq metres
5.Makeready image RIP time
6.Speed in sq metres per hour

Full colour or monochrome costs the same, so no need to separate. Virtually all prints are single sided, no second side considerations. Media paper (paper rolls) can be entered by the user. Typical widths: 610, 914, 1067, 1270, 1367, 1525 mm or US 24, 36, 42, 54, 60". Roll lengths vary from 10 through to 70m. Ink usage for each media: low, medium and high.

When we price a print, we look at

1. Media type & cost
2. The ink type
3. The print density
4. The sq metre size of the job.

Then there are Finishing Options: i.e lamination - Matt or gloss at the print size, eyelets, stitching, board mounting etc. Media (paper) is not an issue, providing users can enter the width and length of rolls, and Ink usage per sq/m - low/med/high.

Have no knowledge of conventional plate presses but have worked in the digital large format Inkjet area for 10 yrs and know it well. This may be a big ask - but would really open your program to digital users. Virtually all small format A4/A3 digital users have these large format Inkjets in their shop - usually more than one. If this is of interest and you need help with the options, I am happy to provide any input you may need. Cheers.
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Thanks, automan, for your input. You're right, adding large-format inkjets would definitely enhance Morning Flight's abilities in the digital arena. But that's no trivial task, with paper rolls versus sheets being just one of the obstacles. Not a major one. Web rolls, though not yet enabled, are in fact already included in the current program and file structures.

What really prevents us from including inkjets is the product-centric philosophy underlying Morning Flight's design. When you quote printing with Morning Flight, you select the product, the paper, and the ink colors, and the program then selects the appropriate press. With virtually all other estimating systems, you select the press and tell the program how the job is to be printed (run speed, makeready, what plate to use, etc).

The reason we designed it that way is so that consumers, your customers, will some day be able to use it, too. Or something like it, anyway. At Unitac, we've mailed such a quote-it-yourself program to our customers for years. It uses the same data files as our in-house program, but is wizard-driven and shows the consumer no internals, just costs. In other words, we don't tell our customers why something costs what it does, only how much.

Expecting consumers to use a press-based estimating system would be like asking drivers to fix their own cars. Which is why, on web sites put up by printers, you'll see a price list at best, with a form to ask for a quote. Visualize now a Morning Flight program without My World, My Shop and My Store, and without modified products and special order paper . . . but on the internet. With wizards.

Don't give up on inkjets, though. There will likely be support for them in Morning Flight at some point. Expect to see it in an add-on module like the one for booklets, not in the main program. That module will have to be press-based, so it can accommodate more than one machine. When the time comes, I'll make it a point to get in touch with you first.

All the best,
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Hi Hal

Thanks for the comments and the direction for this product. A web enabled version of MF will certainly be excellent for our clients.

Will introduce MF to our office for active use this week. Cheers.
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