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Work and Turn Issue


Posted: 20 Sep 2005 09:37 am


Hi Hal, long time no type! I seem to be having an issue with the work and turn function. I have a product that when I set it to 2-sided, black ink only, it will default to a work and turn thereby reducing the plates to 1. I looked at the properties of the product and W/T is NOT checked. I am using 2005.6.
. . . . . Craig Hofer
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Hi Craig,

Maybe I should first explain how work-and-turn is supposed to work in Morning Flight, then ask you whether that's how it does work on your computer, and if so, wether you think we ought to change it.

Whenever you select a multiple-up product, then set that product for 2-sided printing (with matching ink colors), MF will default to W/T. If you then designate it a Special Product and turn off W/T, MF will price it as a non-W/T product and add the extra plate(s). That Special Product should stay non-W/T until you change its size or ink configuration. At that point, it will automatically revert back to work-and-turn. The design philosophy is that because of the change, it has become a new Special Product, so MF re-applies the W/T default. Provided, of course, that the new size and ink config still allow the product to be printed that way.

This is one of those areas where automation does what it's supposed to do 70% of the time, and gets in the way the other 30%. Besides, it really could be viewed as a bug instead of what programmers like to call an "undocumented feature."

Good to hear from you, Craig. Partly as a result of the great summer we've had, the help system and manual are coming a little slower than expected, but they are coming.
. . . . .  Hal Heindel


Then it is working as it should. After reading your post I went back and now see what I have to do to uncheck the W/T option after I set the ink.

I have to tell you I am using MF to estimate 99.5% of everything we are doing, it seems to be working out very well and I am extremely happy! The remaining .5% seems to be booklets, which I am still doing by hand, I am spoiled with the automation of MF.

We didn't get that much rain here (I'm located in North Central Ohio, on the lake). Sounds like you had some leisure time this summer? Not me ... we've been slammed, I have less than 5 hours on the boat this summer.
. . . . . Craig Hofer


Sorry to hear you couldn't spend much time on the water this year, Craig, but thrilled you're getting such great mileage out of Morning Flight! The Booklet Module will automate the remaining .5% of your estimating load, but will have to wait until the help system and manual for MF are done. I think you're really going to like the automation there. Aside from allowing you to add any kind of product such as tear-offs and reply cards to booklets, for instance, the program will even consolidate paper and ink prices if it finds the same paper or ink on different pages in the same book.

As for having had some leisure time this August - I did. My niece and her family came to visit us from Germany. It was their first trip to America, with a change of planes in Washington, DC. Anxious to make sure they had boarded the right shuttle bus for the transfer to Rochester, my niece asked an airline pilot who had stepped onto the bus for verification. When told "yes," she confided that this was her first ride on an airplane. "Oh yeah?" he replied. "Mine, too!"

You gotta love 'em. Only in America!
. . . . .  Hal Heindel